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Vimax Cream is an extract of plants (natural shark oil), which works to “enlarge, lengthen, amplify and expose,” and increase the erection of the penis to increase sexual pleasure. The effect of the first use, The best creams (unique, effective, and powerful) of millions of men who feel weak (and helpless) because of their penis size and premature ejaculation, ), Which is known for its effectiveness in increasing the size and weight of the penis and extending it better than (2-6) ) Cm, more powerful (strength, safety) to be as solid as the stone! You will not worry again because your erection will stay for a long time controlling your sexual performance without the fear of influencing pressure or heart because local use

Benefits, Advantages, and Benefits of using Vimax Cream: –
1 – works on (delaying the period of ejaculation temporary, and increasing the strength of erection), and (amplification, enlargement and prolongation, and increase the length and width) the size of your penis from (2 – 6) cm, and will remain any increase (for a long, It’s easy to get the desired results in weeks (few, short).
2 works on (activating, improving) blood circulation to reach blood to all arteries of the organ tissue, and expands the vessels without affecting the blood pressure, and does not cause addiction at all.
3. Provides the cells with the necessary energy to reach a better rate in the sexual process.
4 – works to remove the feeling (tension, anxiety), and increase confidence in men.
5 – Increases sperm and increases fertility in men.
6 – works without (exercises, surgery, or any nervous pressure).
7 – increases the sense that you are more (young, and violent).
8. Increases (desire, lust) nationality.
9 – Increases (happiness, your sense, your enjoyment, and your power of temptation) improved because it works to find a sense (wonderful, and soft) on the penis, which gives great pleasure for both parties during the sexual encounter (intercourse).
10- Natural product is made from herbal medicinal plants is (very safe, guaranteed and guaranteed) 100%, and has no (symptoms, or side effects), suitable for all ages and even the most sensitive skin.
11 – recommended by all urologists in the world because it is completely safe on patients (heart, diabetes, and blood pressure

How to use Vimax Cream:
1 – be (continuous and repeated) twice a day to achieve a faster result, and before the use of the cream is washing the member with water (warm with soap well), waiting for the penis to dry completely.
2. Apply a small amount of cream to the entire penis. Massage gently with fingertips, especially the head area for 3 minutes. The process of intercourse is performed.

Vimax cream content: The weight of the cream (50g) is sufficient for a period of one (30-30) days.


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